Storing your motorcycle for the winter:

First and foremost, treat the fuel with an ethanol additive, to prevent the breakdown of the fuel, and clogging of the fuel-injection or carburetor.

The fuel we get at the pump contains around 10% Ethanol, and can start breaking down in as little as 4 - 6 weeks! As a result, it forms small "clumps" in the fuel, and can easily clog the fuel system.

Some good products are:

"Stabil Fuel Treatment" (Use the "Marine Grade", Blue color if you can get it).

Star Tron® Enzyme Fuel Treatment

Run the engine long enough to get the treated fuel in the system, and fill your tank before storing.

Change your oil before storing. Clean oil means less contaminants left in the engine to cause corrosion.

Fill your tires up to recommended tire pressure, or even a little higher.

Attach an automatic battery "trickle charger", such as a "Battery Tender®" to keep your battery from discharging.

You can still ride this winter, just top off the tank with treated fuel, and reattach the battery maintenance charger when done!

Safe Motorcycling,


JH Motorsports