Pre-ride Check List

Here is a quick list of items to check before each ride. It may save you some grief far away from home!

Tires: Check that the Cold Inflation pressure is to specs. Also, rotate each tire and look for nails, cracks, or damage. If there is 2/32" or less tread, or over 4 years old, replacement is recommended.

Check for Loose Fasteners: Use your fingers to check over important nuts and bolts to make sure nothing is loose.

Fluid Levels: A quick Check of Oil Level, Brake Fluid, and Coolant only takes a minute.

Hoses: Run your hand along brake lines, and coolant hoses checking for bulges, cracks, or any fluid leaks.

Suspension: Inspect for any damage, and run your fingers around seals to see if they are oily, which could indicate a blown seal.

Lights: Turn on the ignition, and check headlight, tail and brake light, and turn signals for proper operation.

Now, you are ready to go.

As always, ride safe, and have fun!

JH Motorsports